All day at the computer !!

It was important (to me) to accurately document the two men. It took all day. Decisions, decisions!! I started the chart with larger print size (the preference for this old lady with failing eyesight). I reduced the print size because I don’t want a crazy-looking image for future readers (weird wrap-arounds). ~~ This is the third or fourth day documenting the family of my great-grandaunt Frances “Fanny” Alderfer (1831-1906). FYI: One hundred seventy-four individuals added to my database in two days. Frequently, it requires documentation of many individuals before I have the essential information. Furthermore, 174 individuals may have required more than five hundred “sources.” ~~~~ Explanation: Earlier, I thought it was clever to identify myself as “Donna Quixote” because I’m at odds with many other Ancestry subscribers (I’m fighting windmills). After reading details about Don Quixote, I retract the comparison. OK? ~~~~

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