Daymare !!!

Did I just coin a new word? I’m experiencing a “day-mare.”

My back aches from lifting heavy boxes; my head aches so I took an Aleve. I started packing a box for the Brethren Heritage Center  but I’m not ready to part with this valuable (to me) information. There is information in these publications that quite likely isn’t available on Yours truly needs to add the information to her family tree.

POSTSCRIPT @ 1:30 PM: An old lady has got to do what an old lady’s got to do?! Perhaps “Yours truly” will enjoy several more years of expanding her Ancestry family tree. She hopes, and prays, the remaining library of genealogy will be shipped to the Brethren Heritage Center.

Remember, this is my “journal” and I choose to record the activitiesand thoughtsof the day.

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