Brown frown !!

9:00 AM and I am so discouraged!!

Some of yesterday’s time and energy was obviously wasted because “brown let me down.”  This morning, the brown tape was coming loose on both boxes. Now I’ve reinforced the brown with clear tape. False advertising because the brown is sold as “packing tape.”

Seriously, I just want to go back to bed!! It’s an icky-sticky eighty degrees outdoorsand indoors!! A/C time?

One comment on “Brown frown !!

  1. Deb says:

    Sometimes it helps to take something hard (like the handle of a bread knife, a spatula, the spine of a book, the bottom of a mug) and roll it over the tape, pushing the tape against the box. I’ve even used my fingernail. But something that puts a good pressure on the tape and really gets it to grip the cardboard. And just do that all over the tape.

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