Gar-done !!


Too much “labor” yesterday?! I have so many aches and pains, I will “putter” with indoor projects today. Furthermore, look at the temperature, outdoors, at 9:40. ~~ I watered the plants, and prepared another “planter.” I trimmed “dead heads” off the rose bushes. I think I’m “done” with the garden (“gar-done”) today but I may have a “second wind” and prepare the blue container.


10:50 AM Postscript:

I hope, and pray, the heavy rain doesn’t “flood” my planters and wash away the seeds. Thinking of my garden reminds me of my ancestors who lost their crops to drought, tornadoes, and “yes” too much rain. ~~ When I titled this message “gar-done” it might have been prophetic? Perhaps my garden is done?


11:30 AM Postscript:

Torrential rain.


Another Postscript:


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