Looking for an Officer

Seriously, I’ve spent three days “looking for an Officer.” Is Waco defunding the police?

This blogger wants to bring variety into her messagesand maybe a little humor. Here is a link to the blog message of a dear friend RVer. Please read Houston, we have a problem.”

Why was I looking for an Officer? “Officer” is the maiden name of the mother-in-law of my first cousin one-time-removed. But who were her parents; what was the “mother-in-law” father’s name? Under ideal conditions, at most, I would have had two or three “Officer” in my Ancestry database. After three days of searching, I have seventy-one folks with that surname and no answer to my question. I love a challenge; I want to resolve the mystery. However, there are many projects demanding my attention so I’m heading for the garden (before the rain arrives [again] today).

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CBS Sunday Morning  has/had a special presentation regarding law enforcement.


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