Impatiens in the hanging baskets

The hard rain destroyed the “starter pots.” Too much water. This time, I scattered the seeds in the planters. “Get my taller ladder.”  I needed an extra step to hang the fourth basket. I’ve been blessed with almost everything I need for my garden. The black wrought-metal baskets were purchased in North Carolina (eight or nine years ago). The hooks (large and small) have been “in my arsenal” for years. I have an abundance of planters and containers. This year, my expense has been for planter soil–and the coco fiber liners. Oh, yes, the expense of four tomato plants and one bell pepper plant.


One comment on “Impatiens in the hanging baskets

  1. Deb says:

    Amazon has an assortment of liners. Another option might be to check They will ship to the store for free. Home Depot has some surprisingly good prices on things. I’ve ordered from them several times.

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