Very, very pleasant surprise !!

Moments ago (3:00 PM): Someone I don’t know sent me a lovely Mother’s Day email greeting. In the absence of greetings from my children, I welcome this greeting. Praise the Lord, Hallelujah, Thank you!!


Someone I knowa dear friendalso sent greetings and it was the first email I saw this morning (7:00 AM). Sincere thanks!!


Furthermore, this afternoon, an hour-long phone call from a dear friend in Livingston.


Postscript 4:25 PM: This day got even more enjoyable when a dear friend phoned and led me through the features of the Nikon camera. He emailed a link to a manual and then explained the basics. I can study the manual for further instructions.  OMG, I feel six-foot-tall today because of the kindness of friends!!


One comment on “Very, very pleasant surprise !!

  1. Stephen & Peyton Ware says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to you from both of us‼️

    Stephen & Peyton

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