Boring information ?

Yesterday, I moved the Christmas Bottle Tree to a less conspicuous location at the back corner of the carport. I “thought” I had pictures of the “tree” in a prominent location but found none. I shoulda, coulda, woulda taken a picture before I moved it?  ~~ Yesterday, my driver’s license arrived in the mail. I’m legal!! (Get out and do some driving?)
~~ Yesterday, a neighbor invited me to go “garden” shopping with her. We visited two nurseries. I’m tempted to resume gardening but I don’t have time!! Frankly, yesterday I didn’t accomplish much beyond conversation with neighbors. There’s a great deal of pleasure knowing the rain barrel, Shepherd’s Hooks, and dozens of gardening magazines are valuable to a neighbor-resident.

Yesterday, the neighbor lady expressed her desire for one of the two Tower Gardens.  I rolled one (new never used) to the carport where I’ll complete the setup. Her enthusiasm is contagious. I’m tempted to set up my original Tower with salad veggies. (But I don’t have time!!)

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