Burning the midnight oil !!

While watching–and listening–to TV Church, I was sorting family history paperworkand other “paper stuff.” I came across a story that I believe needed to be copied to the Internet. Here is a link to the story in my Ancestry.com  database: Supercentenarian celebrates her 111th birthday. Hopefully, the reader can access the story because I can’t test the link. (Ancestry recognizes me.) *

Here is a picture of “family history paperwork” that is more than three decades old. One… is dated 19 February 1987. All will go into the trash bin because it has no value. The information is well-documented in my Ancestry.com  database.


*Please “comment” if you cannot read the story.


One comment on “Burning the midnight oil !!

  1. Deb says:

    That link takes me to the gallery for Rosa May, but I don’t see a “story.” I see census forms, marriage and death records, and a photo of her.

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