Yesterday was a “good” Friday !!






This was your blogger’s first “normal” day after a year of abnormal days!! A “friend of the RV Park” invited us to “the lake” for food and fellowship. I was greeted with hugs; none of us were wearing a mask. This was “the good old days.”

More than five months ago, the Jeep Fire Pit was delivered. Sadly, it has been gathering dust and rust under an open-air storage area. When I ordered… I hadn’t considered it was “a liability risk” and absolutely could not be used at Concord Estate RV Park. Our “friend of the Park” spends almost every weekend at Lake Whitney and the fire pit will be used and admired. “Admired?”  Yes, other campers have indicated they will make (or buy) something similar. “Friend” will blast off the rust and “powder coat” against future rust. All my “smores” ingredients were donated to that family. We didn’t linger for that treat because it was getting dark and we were a considerable distance from Waco.

My “good” Friday morning started with pancakes, and fellowship, in the RV Park clubhouse. Social distancing; no masks. Then, about four o’clock Mr. Red picked me up and drove to the campground. We made two stops along the way to visit former residents who moved from the Estate Park last year. One… has a lovely new home and beautiful yard and a freshly-planted vegetable garden.

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