No joke

I received an interesting request for information. Here is a link to the individual named William Frantz. Here is a copy of the message and my reply. No foolin’; it makes me feel ten feet tall when a University reaches out to me for information.

Hi, Lorraine – Let me introduce myself. I am Connie Schaffer and, I think your recipe looks amazing. However, I am contacting you via this recent blog post to inquiry about your ancestry – as I know you have an interest in that area. I recently co-authored a book “William Frantz Public School – A Story of Race, Resistance, Resiliency & Recovery in New Orleans”, and of course it mentions members of your family. I would love to interview to learn more about your family – as it was difficult to find information. (I found much of the same information you referenced and listed in your blog) Please let me know if you’re interested. I really look forward to meeting you and chatting with you. Best regards – from one history enthusiast to another.

Sincere thanks for your message, Connie. I will gladly send you an invitation to my Frantz family Ancestry database. You will be able to access the Frantz information for William Frantz. He is not a part of my lineage. I research every individual I find with Frantz, Franz, France surname. Of course, I was curious about the William Frantz School. I believe the blog message spelled out the details.
Best wishes from Lorraine Frantz Edwards and a second “sincere thanks” for your comment on my blog message.


“Ten feet tall”? No April Fool’s joke: I try to “turn my back” on Ancestry and work on “demands my attention” projects. However, it is 10:20 AM and I have already answered two (2) messages regarding Ancestry.

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Here is the almost immediate reply to my reply from the University of Nebraska Omaha.

Thank you so much —

Stay well. Stay safe. Stay determined.

Dr. Connie Schaffer
Associate Professor, Teacher Education Department
Bak Community Engagement Fellow
Director, UNO Ombuds Services
Recent publications
William Frantz Public School: A Story of Race, Resistance, Resiliency, and Recovery in New Orleans (2020)
Authors: Connie Schaffer, Meg White, and Martha Viator
Publisher: Peter Lang
The Legacy of William Frantz Public School: Commemoration vs. Celebration (2020)
Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin, 85(5), 48-55.
Connie L. Schaffer, Martha Graham Viator, and Meg White

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