Unique genealogy experience

Yesterday, I received a request for information (genealogy) and I could not tie the request to any individuals in my several family trees.

Sent: Sun, Mar 28, 2021 5:28 am
Subject: Re: The History of William Denham and His Family

Good Palm Sunday morning to you, Julia. Thanks for your message. Sorry to disappoint you but I do not have that book. What prompted you to think I had a copy?

Best wishes from Lorraine Edwards
P.S.  If so inclined, please take a few minutes to visit my blog at Three Quarters And Counting.

Her reply and my answer.

Re: The History of William Denham and His Family

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OMG!!! My sincere apology!!!! SINCERE THANKS, Julia, for the link and “jogging my memory.” That message was posted many years ago. I’ve moved a couple of times since that message. I’m sure I still have the notebook but I have no idea where it is stored. I’ll begin a search but it will not be an overnight success. I cannot guarantee the value of the information. Because I’ve been “doing” genealogy since the 1980s, people know of my obsession. Someone gave me the notebook because it ended up among a donation to a Thrift Shop. I think that is the background but I may be misstating how it came to me.
THANK YOU FOR CONTACTING ME!!!! No cost to you, if I can find… I’ll gladly send.
BEST WISHES from Lorraine

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