Losing my mind !!

I keep searching…; these folks are invisible!! I’ve devoted hours to research in FamilySearch. That resource is always reliable when Ancestry.com fails to provide information. I’m losing my mind!! I don’t recall ever having this much difficulty finding individuals. Eleven-hundred-thirty-three folks in the Tiner database and I speculate half of them are not related to “Red” and Dee (Harris) Tiner. The “half” was saved during exhaustive searches for the desired family members.


Where’s my camera? It’s my “sidekick”: I’m lost without it!! ~~ Believe it or not, I spent some time in the yard, checking the plants that suffered the recent miserable freezing temperature. It’s a cloudy, extremely windy day and (imho) “too windy” to ride the three-wheeler. I would have taken a picture of the indoor-outdoor thermometer if I could locate my camera. ~~ What’s my name?


“What’s her name?”  ancient Asus laptop computer is struggling with every instruction. It took hour-and-fifteen minutes to document this (3:30-4:45) information.


“Yes, I found the camera (in the most unlikely location).”

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