Kudos ?!

Pat on the back? This is the third day I have not been on Ancestry.com. It is imperative that I get some other things done!! True story: I don’t want to do the “other things”; I want to “climb family trees.” I believe there are twenty obituaries that need to be documented in my tree. Yes, “my extended family.” I haven’t an ounce of energy; it is so comfortable to sit at the computer and let “my fingers do the walking….”  (Do you remember the old TV commercial about Let your fingers do the walking through the yellow pages”  of the telephone directory?) Oh, the “good old days” when life was simple (and computers were easier to navigate). Telephones were simple, too, in my humble opinion. I’m struggling to navigate a “smartphone.”

Back to say, yesterday my labor unwittingly changed things on the desktop computer and now I’m trying to regain access to programs (including Ancestry).


The problem continues!!


I was so-o-o-o stressed, I was crying with frustration!! I was invited to share lunch with the owner-manager (in our clubhouse) and that led to a conversation with (separately) three residents in the RV Park. Now I’m feeling “almost human.” (Question: How human is an old lady with long stringy hair, and ignorance regarding all things Smartphone, and Windows-10?)


I’m keeping my fingers crossed because I’m hoping, and praying, I stumbled on a method of transferring my pictures, and clipart, from the old laptop computer. I’ve read many instructions, several times each, and followed them exactlyto no avail. I give God, My Heavenly Father, the credit because this revelation was surely “Divine inspiration.” More about that later.


As the clock is ticking away, the Mylio program, on the desktop computer, is importing “clip art” and (don’t faint) there are 4,768 images. The program was instructed to skip duplicates but I see duplicates. That’s OK because I can delete… and rejoice with me that the clipart has been preserved. Yesterday, I was using LapLink in an effort to transfer–and it didn’t work!! Today I took an “external drive” with a “mirror image” of files on the old laptop and plugged it into the desktop computer. On the desktop computer, in Mylio, I told it to import the clipart. **It did!!**


Mylio tells me it has 29,083 images. I anticipate more pictures when I access “the cloud.”

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