Running in circles !!

Too many hours at the computer, on The individuals who contact me are, likewise, spending hours documenting their family (because of isolation due to Coronavirus). They “find” my information and contact me with questions. It makes me so happy to provide the details they lack–and I invariably run into an unexpected “Frantz wife.”  It’s uncanny!! I’m “working with” unfamiliar surnames in unfamiliar locations and MIRACULOUSLY a “Frantz wife” fourth cousin.

Last night, half the night, I was wide awake (pleading “Lorraine, go to sleep, Lorraine, go to sleep”) and I questioned myself “What was his name? He was so helpful.”  Then I remembered “Lester Binnie.”  He provided so much information, and drove me around to the local cemeteries, while I was on a research trip to North Manchester, Indiana, (1996?). “No, he wasn’t in my database but a search on Ancestry provided the man and about fifty sources.”

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