I’ve got (more) mail !!

God’s gift? I adore receiving messages!! This one from Ontario, Canada.  (What’s that Western song [?] I’m so lonesome, I could cry.”)

Hi Lorraine – I noticed that you have Charles Ricardo Tucker (1904-1986) in your database with parentage listed as Samuel & Sarah Tucker. I have him in my own as a possible child to Bessie McRoberts Sanborn – as they appear to be together in the 1920 Census of Richmond VA- although its not really clear if they are actually mother/son – looks like they weren’t at the same address. Here is the link – https://www.ancestry.ca/imageviewer/collections/6061/images/4390338_01041?pId=55941510 Bessie married 4x and didn’t stay with the first 3 very long – and when she died in 1968 her obit says she was survived by 2 grandchildren, but no child is listed nor are the grandchildren listed by name. Tucker was obviously alive in 1968 so one would have expected him to be named in the obit. I’m now thinking he could not have been her child and hoping you have definitive proof to support his parentage. Bessie was a sister to my wife’s great-grandfather. Thanks for your assistance. Steve Marshall Orillia ON Canada

I answered the message and hopefully provided valuable information. I couldn’t access the link he shared because I do not subscribe to Ancestry’s World Explorer.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Frustrating computer problems!! My Internet provider is playing “Hide and Seek.” Same provider, no TV either.

“Red” is bad, “blue” is good.


Question: Is “the left” reaching out to shut down this little old lady Trump supporter?

Lonesome old lady, “so lonesome I could cry.”

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