Funny ha-ha !!

Here’s a true story to make you laugh–and relieve some of the stress we are experiencing?!

Bottom line, first: I don’t know how to answer my “smart phone.” Details: My “dumb phone” (flip phone) has gotten to the place where the battery won’t hold a charge. Yesterday, I retrieved the box with the phone I purchased thirteen months ago. I was “planning ahead” (before I left Livingston) thinking I’d need the map feature (etc., etc.) to get around Waco.  Well, truth be told, I’ve barely left home and I still don’t know anything about Waco!! However, it was time to initiate a new phone. Yesterdayafter several hoursservice had been transferred from one phone to the other. I’d read the instructions, I snooped into various aspects of the “smart phone.” This morning, a friend (living in Livingston) called and I saw her name and her phone number. I tapped her name, I tapped her phone number, I moved my finger up the face of the phone. The phone kept ringing–and I was helpless to answer it!! Moments later, I was able to call her and explain… and we both got a big laugh. Now I’m heading to the Internet to watch information on

One comment on “Funny ha-ha !!

  1. Deb says:

    I smiled as soon as I read that. I did the exact same thing, tapping…and had to learn to swipe, lol.

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