Change of pace ?

Happy New Year 2021.

11:45: Time to focus on something other than “climbing the family tree”? A little old mouse brought me to a stop and signaled  it’s time for a “change of pace.” The “mouse” doesn’t require batteries–it’s attached to the CPU. I didn’t know they could “wear out.” Silly as this sounds: Guess I’ll have to go shopping at Walmart!! Groceries–and a “mouse.”


Postscript at 1:35: I have three computers so I can still “compute.” The large monitorwith the desktop computeris my favorite.


Less Ancestry(?), more “everyday” necessities?

One comment on “Change of pace ?

  1. Deb says:

    Haha! I use a laptop with a finger pad, so I started reading, and thought, “A MOUSE! Oh no! I hope it’s just one!” Then I kept reading and realized my brain went to the wrong kind of mouse, lol. You can order things besides groceries on curbside orders. And there’s, Amazon, and the new Walmart delivery service. But glad the mouse you were talking about has a USB cord, and not a tail!

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