Nine in one ??

I’m not a statistic yet (PRAISE THE LORD!!) but many “cousins”  have passed away. Honestly, I need to be nine people. One of me could document the obituaries while another tries to resolve the recent frustrating computer problems. One of me could fix a tasty meal and “tidy up” my trailer home. A braver  “me” would go grocery shopping. The fifth old lady would take better care of her health after recent strange problems (but not Covid-19). Seriously, one of me should be “downsizing” by donating to the appropriate libraries and thrift shops. “The next guy” won’t know what to do with my genealogy and memorabilia. (I don’t want it to end up in the dumpster!!) ~~ I should devote time to writing stories because “stories” are always present while I’m “climbing the family tree.”  One story will appear in the April 2021 issue of Mennonite Family Historyand I tried to copy it here (“Grafted on the Frantz Family Tree”) but I’ve lost my knack for copy and paste (this is so embarrassing). (Truthfully, “knack”  isn’t the problem; it was sent meant for my review.) FYI: While preparing this message, another obituary arrived in my email!!


Three more obituaries arrived in my email-box since I published the above earlier today. This is so sad!! “Cousins by the dozens.”

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