Elder abuse ?!

“The old lady” inflicted the pain on herself!! Sunday morning (yesterday) started (about 5:00 AM) with her walking around the RV Park taking pictures of the Christmas lights. Then (about 7:00) more pictures with the lights and early-morning daylight. Then: Many hours at the computer compiling pictures from November 16th until the present. The plan: An “album” of pictures that the viewer could watch scroll across their computer screen (or “smartphone” screen?). The album looks good but “the old lady” was unable to make it available to a viewer. She tried everything she knew… and contacted her “computer savvy” cousin for assistance. A dozen email messages were exchanged and his instructions were followed. The villain is Google!! It is “blocking'” the publication of the album. Eyes, neck, and shoulder pain forced the photographer-blogger to bed about midnight. “Elder abuse?!”


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