Christmas giving (Lorraine style)



“Yours truly” does not “Zoom” or “Skype.” She doesn’t shop on the Internet and “pick up” at the store. Her “dumb phone” is seldom used. Household tasks are neglected; healthy meals are seldom prepared. Her computer is a God-semt blessing in this time of isolation due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

While documenting families from A to Z, there are wonderful memories of the time spent with family and friends. Many “cousins” have gone to Heaven while details (albeit brief) are recorded in an database. Grandchildren and grand nieces and nephews are able to see their ancestry fanning out across a computer screen.

Alderfer, Beachler, Boyd, Brubaker, Cool, Cover, Denlinger, Eikenberry, Fisher, Frantz, Garst, Grisso, Hamm, Hay, Ikenberry, Jamison, King, Kreide, Landes, Landis, Lavy, Metzger, Miller, Mohler, Neff, Neher, Onkst, Paddock, Quattlebaum, Riffey, Royer, Showalter, Shoup, Smith, Spitler, Swartz, Traxler, Ulery, Vandiver, Wagoner, Wenger, Yoder, Zug. (The short list.)

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