Christmas angel !!



Three–or more–of the gifts are from my Christmas Angel. Earlier this year, she sent an array of masks–and has suggested (time and time again) that I “get out of the house; go shopping.” Or, she would implore: “Take a drive; go through a ‘drive-in’ and treat yourself.” Scaredy-cat old lady hasn’t wanted to venture out in public–not even for a Dairy Queen treat. Here are a few words from her most recent email message: “And you really can reduce your risk by ordering online for curbside pick-up. Even if you STILL go inside for a few items you want to pick out yourself, you can get the bulk of your order pulled and put right in your car. A lot less for you to touch in the store and time for you to be in the store.” 


One comment on “Christmas angel !!

  1. Deb says:

    Omg, that’s a scary picture! Looks like you have several angels looking out for you! Sending love…Merry Christmas Eve!

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