Serious about family history !!

It warms my heart when another person takes an interest in my hobby. Yesterday I shared about receiving a message that “energized” me. Documenting my Old German Baptist Brethren families (day and night) has value. One of my publications was read, by Kristen, and prompted her communication. This morning a second message and an inquiry about the Michael Frantz chest.”  The Internet has a copy of the storypublished in 1992 in Mennonite Family History. (I don’t know for certain but that article might have been published before Kristen was born.) Evident in the story, our roots are deep and wide.

“Yours truly”  wishes to apologize for the over-use of the perpendicular pronoun. There’s a need (on my part) to convey direction to information. (How do I avoid using “I”?) My email message to Kristen directed her to the website titled Frantz Families–Kith & Kin, and Digitized Library of Family Historyand Brethren Heritage Center.

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