Soli golly ?

Strange title? I coined it for “solitary confinement” plus golly.” My self imposed solitary confinement is stressful because I miss personal contact with friends and neighbors. I miss an occasional shopping trip. Golly, will we ever get back to “normal”?? Golly, how delightful (at 7:30 AM) to be greeted with the following comment on a recent blog message!

Hi Lorraine! I stumbled across your information while googling a family name. I am Lela Shoup’s granddaughter, Kristen Brubaker, from Troy, ohio. I saw you had uploaded my great grandmother Arthenas memoir, and started looking at your other posts about my family. Just wanted to say hello! I remember Grandma talking about you and doing geneology with you!

I firmly believe my Heavenly Father (God) knows how much I need encouragement. That brief message is an “energizer” when I had already planned a blog message about ten hours in bed but got up exhausted.”

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