Picking up speed ?

This morning, I opened my email box to another obituary. This one is a dear fourth cousin. I’ve been documenting “cousin obituaries” (far too frequently) but this one is “personal.” I know (knew) the family (during my earlier years living in Ohio.) I wept as I read of his passing.  Richard is with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ–and dozens (thousands) of family members–so we can take pleasure in knowing he is with Jesus. ‘Tis Jesus that we celebrate at this time of year. ~~~~ Yes, I am “in the slow lane” but I was only thirty numbers shy of forty-four-thousand-four-hundred-forty-four.  Obviously, I was energized to document the additional family members. Obituaries are a gold mine of information. The children are listed, and the grandchildren, and extended family. That information is difficultif not impossibleto locate on Ancestry.com.



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