Frazzled ?

The precision of a surgeon and the patience of a saint.


I may not have the “patience of a Saint” but I need it!! It is relaxing to shift from to the preparation of a blog message. The families are so entwined, it has (for me) become “an exact science.” Every keystroke is considered before I hit the “save” key. Here is an example of families I’ve been working with this afternoon.

An individual may have many records with various spelling of the surname. Now, I have so many related individuals in my database, Ancestry’s “merge” feature fails to work for me. I have to seek the individuals individually and determine which one to keep. (Mental gymnastics.)


While searching “clip art,” I saw this one (left) and add it as a bit of humor. Testing for Covid-19 is a prominent news item. The reader can laugh with me or at me.

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