Very good Tuesday

Two-forty as I type this message.  Today I have focused on activities other than “climbing the family tree.” Maybe later (?) because two new obituaries arrived this morning–and two new… yesterday evening. I’m delighted to report that “a good night’s sleep” inspires me to accomplish household tasks.

Sadly, I have a dozen (or more) obituaries that need time and attention. Please pray with me that I do not fall victim to the Coronavirus. I seldom leave home but, belatedly, I recognized that I did a dumb thing yesterday. I took trash to the dumpster (that was OK). I opened the door to the clubhousewithout glovesto deposit my rent check in the locked box. (That was not OK.) An “always on the go” resident, “never know where he’s been,” without consideration for others, had just had his hands on the doorknob.

for the genealogist (“tree climber”), and for the family and friends of the loved one.

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