Counting my blessings !!

“Cousin” sent three obituaries in three days!! OMG!! My peers are passing away at a rapid rate. I haven’t spent any time at the computer “doing genealogy.” It’s a cold, cloudy day in Waco, and “yours truly” has done two loads of laundry and some reorganizing of clutter in the living room. Indoor stuff. Recently, I brought numerous things indoors, from the storage unit, with the intention of sorting, selecting, and discarding. Counting my blessing for a washing machine, and dryer, so I can do laundry in the convenience of my own home. For many years, I’ve used laundrymats. Counting my blessings that I’m not sick with the Coronavirus. A resident (here at our RV Park) tested positive but he was “out and about” without a mask.

Have you heard this story? God was passing out brains and Jerry (resident) thought God said “trains.” Jerry said: “I’ll take a slow one.”


“Rusty” parts??

It’s difficult to get out of bed in the morning!! Some parts of my body don’t want to move!! Made worse obviously when I spend fourteen hours sitting at the computer. I haven’t counted… but perhaps ten obituaries await my attention. Regrettably, many of my “cousins” are no longer with us. I feel such an urgency to get all the information accurately documented in Ancestry–as a permanent record.

In my humble opinion, my family is precious–the individuals are jewels.

I learned today (24th) that many of my Old German Baptist Brethren “family” gathered for an event and many (“too many”) have been stricken with Coronavirus.

Razzle-dazzle ?


For several days, “razzle-dazzle” Christmas decorations and lots of exercise. To relax, late yesterday afternoon, I planned to “do a few families” but “never a stopping point”! It’s almost four PM and I’m still in my pajamas and I haven’t eaten breakfast or lunch!! I “stumbled” on that valuable information and there’s an awesome amount of information. Those are “print screen” images from a book so I could attach that record (that information) to the specified individuals. This is so interesting because I do not know who the “Frantz” immigrant ancestor is. One record at a time, I’m documenting this branch of the tree (all new to me).

Bountiful blessings !!


“Yours truly” got to a stopping point. Several of us were working to hang the remaining Christmas lights and decorations.  This is an ENORMOUS project and fewer people this year because of the threat of Coronavirus. I’m toldin previous yearsdecorating is a social event.

BIG surprise !!

“Mr. Red” (owner-manager) phoned and said, “Grab your camera.” After a couple of pictures, I was right here on my computer downloading the pictures for this blog message. A second phone call and another “Grab your camera.” The talented resident who crafted the wood “bottle” and fashioned the patriotic cross is also a mechanic. Bill restored two old John Deere tractors. Driving his tractor around the Park puts a smile on everyone’s face. (“Yes, that’s my yard in the background.)


There’s a new word in my vocabulary: Quattlebaum. Rather than saying “fiddlesticks,” I think I’ll be different. Yes, I came across that name while “climbing the family tree.” That… and Scrimshire. No, not my tree. I’m “climbing” for a friend.

Very, very interesting information

Very, very interesting information. This “infomercial” kept me on the edge of my seat for one-and-one-half hours. Free gifts are offered but there is an expense–at the endif the viewer is inclined. As “an old lady,” I heard solutions to several of my problems. Of special interest: Coronavirus.

I’ve practiced “health and nutrition” for half my lifetime. I don’t use prescription drugs; I don’t get flu shots. I despise having to take Aleve for aches and pains. I believe in “natural remedies.” I’m not trying to persuade you; I just want to share the information with my readers.

Bad news, good news

I may have been exposed to Covid-19. One “idiot” resident of our RV Park bragged that his faith in God is protecting him from the virus. He bragged that his church has been continuing services “like normal.”  Someone in his church (with less faith?) “caught it” and exposed the congregation. “Idiot” doesn’t wear a mask and he coughed on our wonderful, thoughtful, considerate owner-manager. I’ve been working with Mr. Red (owner-manager) preparing Christmas decorations.  ~~ I’m self-isolating; no more participation in Christmas decorations preparation. ~~ I’ll spend “too much time” sitting at the computer “climbing the family tree.” Why? To ignore my depression, I immerse myself in!

My yard will look so festive! Christmas lights are going up along the fences and over the top of carports. “Theirs” and mine will look “festive” as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus.