Counting my blessings !!

“Cousin” sent three obituaries in three days!! OMG!! My peers are passing away at a rapid rate. I haven’t spent any time at the computer “doing genealogy.” It’s a cold, cloudy day in Waco, and “yours truly” has done two loads of laundry and some reorganizing of clutter in the living room. Indoor stuff. Recently, I brought numerous things indoors, from the storage unit, with the intention of sorting, selecting, and discarding. Counting my blessing for a washing machine, and dryer, so I can do laundry in the convenience of my own home. For many years, I’ve used laundrymats. Counting my blessings that I’m not sick with the Coronavirus. A resident (here at our RV Park) tested positive but he was “out and about” without a mask.

Have you heard this story? God was passing out brains and Jerry (resident) thought God said “trains.” Jerry said: “I’ll take a slow one.”


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