Bad news, good news

I may have been exposed to Covid-19. One “idiot” resident of our RV Park bragged that his faith in God is protecting him from the virus. He bragged that his church has been continuing services “like normal.”  Someone in his church (with less faith?) “caught it” and exposed the congregation. “Idiot” doesn’t wear a mask and he coughed on our wonderful, thoughtful, considerate owner-manager. I’ve been working with Mr. Red (owner-manager) preparing Christmas decorations.  ~~ I’m self-isolating; no more participation in Christmas decorations preparation. ~~ I’ll spend “too much time” sitting at the computer “climbing the family tree.” Why? To ignore my depression, I immerse myself in!

My yard will look so festive! Christmas lights are going up along the fences and over the top of carports. “Theirs” and mine will look “festive” as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

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