A picture of frustration !!

Encountering errors like this is an everyday occurrence. It has me shaking my head in disbelief that an individual, researching their family, is oblivious to their mistake. ~~ On television, we watch Mike Rowe clean up Dirty Jobs.”  On Ancestry.com, Lorraine cleans up “dirty jobs.”

This entire day (almost) has been devoted to the obituary of this man. “Cousin” sent the message at 11:00 PM last night. I started documenting… at 8:30 this morning. During the process of adding siblings and ancestors, I found a fourth-cousin-one-time-removed. I’m only remotely related to Melvin E. Bechtold (1927-2020) but firmly related to Harold M. Neher (1904-1972). Melvin’s sister married Harold Neher. ~~ It’s almost 3:00 PM as I add this postscript so (explicitly) six hours documenting and sixty-two individuals added to my Ancestry database. Many family members were already in “my forest.”


Thirteen hours; can I stop now? I’m ready to crawl into bed; I haven’t gotten out of my pajamas all day!!

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