Thanksgiving Day data

Gospel truth: One-hundred-twenty-four (124) individuals were added to my database because of the obituary for this man (my Old German Baptist Brethren seventh-cousin). The individuals in his family connected with families already documented in my database. I may have added “sources” for two-hundred individuals and “sources” were (conservatively) in the hundreds. I share these details so the reader can understand the extreme value of the obituariesand the time it takes to document the information. (Twelve hours today, Thanksgiving Day.) Although the obituaries do not list the cause of death, the cousin who sends the sad news (via email) says the Coronavirus is a factor. The “good news”: These dear Christian folks are enjoying Heaven with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. ~~~~ Very soon, obituary details will arrive via email regarding the death of the 104-year-old husband of a seventh cousin.

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