The Harbinger II (must read)

Here is the link to an interview with the author of The Harbinger II, Jonathan Cahn.

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Here is his earlier book titled The Paradigm. I was spellbound as I listened to (and watched) Jonathan Cahn as he was interviewed by Erick Stakelbeck on the Praise program on TBN. I’ve searched for the Paradime video (planning to share…) but could not find it on the TBN website (but I’ll keep searching).

Please watch the video and consider reading the two books I’ve referenced.

If this looks familiar, it was published earlier (Sep 15th). I saw the program again at ten o’clock PM (Oct 11th). “It’s a God-thing.”  I went to bed before nine but out of bed (at ten) for “anti-itch” cream. (For the second night, something in my bed has me itching all over.) The life events we are experiencing were prophesized in the Holy Bible.

Sunday was remarkable because three of five blog messages were inspired by my Heavenly Father. Watching a TV-Church program, I knew I needed to write about “An Empty Mansion.”  Later… the poem in “TV-Church all day.”  Now, “The Harbinger II.” 

Next: Change the sheets on my bed so I can get a reasonably good night’s sleep.

One comment on “The Harbinger II (must read)

  1. Diane says:

    I read The Harbinger and The Paradigm and am currently reading Harbinger II which just came out a few weeks ago. Great books, great author

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