Another milestone

It’s an obsession! I can’t “stay away.” This is my escape from the havoc created by the Coronavirus. I need more exercise; I need better meals; projects need attention. (I hate my long hair; it is driving me crazy!) This “milestone” as I worked with another obituary. For your amusement: This woman (in the obituary) is my first-cousin-three-times-removed of wife of uncle of wife of second-cousin-three-times-removed.


One-hour-fifteen-minutes later and I’m glad to share this updated information: The woman is my sixth-cousin-one-time-removed. I climbed a little higher in the tree. Actually, she shares family on two (2) branches of my tree. It was exciting to discover that information because her immediate family surnames were unknown to me. (I didn’t anticipate a “Frantz” connection.)

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