Communication problems !!

“Ancestry made me do it.”  (No, it wasn’t the Devil.) I’ve had major problems for several days. There is an enormous change in the way we prepare our blog messages. Another blogger shared a “back door” but WordPress is saying they will close and lock that door. “I don’t want to learn the extremely complicated program!!”  I put that message on the WordPress Forum and there have been more than one-hundred messages from others as disillusioned as I am. Staffwith WordPressregularly chime-in saying “get used to it.”

To compound my frustration, my “tree”on Ancestryrefused to respond to my commands. I contacted Ancestry and a supposedly-knowledgable-person exchanged conversation with me (internet “chat”). She looked at my database and said I had “too many duplicates.” I told her the story that they are not duplicates, they are cousins. Then I reached out to a “tech-savvy” cousin and he scrutinized my database (my tree). One problem: “Ancestry doesn’t like commas.”  Today I deleted most of the records that documented the date I reached another one-thousand-individuals in my database. I’ve been able to document an obituary (today) and dozens of “up” and “sideways” family members. I have to “sneak around” to enter the data.

WordPress and Ancestry make me feel like a criminal for “sneaking around.” I’ve paid mega-bucks to belong to those companies!! There is no fee to belong to FaceBook but “they” are part of my communication problem. I thought I unsubscribed from FaceBook years ago but “tech-savvy” cousin found that my Ancestry information is forwarded to Facebook. A second cousin confessed that I had been “hacked” (on Facebook) and he reported it twice (but he didn’t tell me until last night).

Five-thirty on a Sunday evening and I’m still in my pajamas. I’ve been watching and listening to TV-Church while struggling with WordPress, Ancestry, and Facebook. Mental gymnastics!!


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