Anguish !!

This blogger is not disposed to slang or profanity. Is it sufficient to say “mad as hell”?  I’ve tried every resource I can find and I’m still stuck in the “default” editor. I read one explanation about returning to the “old style” if we had been blogging for years. Well it didn’t work (or Lorraine failed…)!! I’m in tears, seriously!! To further complicate my life, I can’t use features in Repeat: “I’ve tried every resource I can find…” and Ancestry doesn’t respond. ~~~~~ I’m a Trump-supporter and grieved to hear that he and the first lady have tested positive for the Coronavirus. I’m praying for them and the White House Staff (and all) who have been in close contact with one another. Listening to the TV-news, the “leftist” commentators are extremely negative. I’m in anguish.

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