Three guesses, two don’t count !!

Going in circles!!



It’s Sunday and here is the gospel truth: I must approach these families with the precision of a surgeon. The “given names” are the same; the families are interwoven. Or, another example: I have to check every record and every individual with an eagle eye.


P.S. Two-and-one-half hours later. Truthfully, my brain is spinning!! Siblings married “Cripe” also and that isn’t portrayed in the image (above). I need to walk away and ride the “three-wheeler” and exercise doing yard work. However, I feel compelled to document… while names and locations are fresh in my brain (my spinning brain).


P.S. Five-and-one-half hours since the top portion of this blog message published. There is no end to this family and I have “questionable information” to resolve.

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