Full and overflowing !!

This scripture has been bombarding my brain because I feel I am full to the top–and overflowing.


If I never publish another blog message; if I never write another story, I want my final words to be those of praise!! For decades, I have marveled that God, my Heavenly Father, “poured” so many  God-loving ancestors into one unworthy woman. Not to say “they” aren’t “out there” but I have never encountered anyone with ancestors who fall into their lap. Today, I am in tears (of joy) because of remarkable new discoveries.

I’m blessed with a “cousin” who sends obituaries (via email). Yesterday, I was documenting “Wrightsman”… and it led to “Brubaker” which led to “Gibbel.” That “Gibbel” has a “Frantz” grandmother. I am amazed!! The families are so entwined, I never find a stopping point. And the  Gibbel/Brubaker couple was neighbors of my grandparents, in LaVerne, California. My genealogy research began in LaVerne. Time spent in the library (yes) but weekends were spent walking LaVerne Evergreen Cemetery. I “read” more than 3,000 tombstones and documented them (in 1989) in a “luggable computer.” I self-published “LaVerne Evergreen Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions” and the Brubaker/Gibbel couple is listed on page 134.



Postscript 11:40 PM, 18 Sep 2020 : When I began to document information for the sister, I discovered another “cousin connection.”


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