“Ugly truth”

On September 15th, I was wide awake in the middle of the night due to pain from edema in my legs and ankles. I prepared a couple of blog messages while watching several programs on TBN. One program was another “wake-up call.” I have had a product named Ancient Nutrition Multi-Collagen Protein in my cupboard for many months. I’ve neglected to “take it.” Watching the broadcast reminded me of my need for “multi-collagen protein.” I’ve complained recently of my wrinkled, sagging-skin, ugly face. So I challenged myself to daily use of the product and to document the “before” and “after” appearance. Honestly, the September 15th pictures do not show the “aging” features that I despise.


I didn’t plan to publish this… until the”after” pictures. The other day, a blog message titled “Naked truth.” Today: “Ugly truth.” I plan to spend less time “climbing the family tree” and more time riding the “three-wheeler,” and more time working (exercising) in the yard. (No more tortilla chips.)

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