Fuming mad !?!

Reciprocate: I want people to “reciprocate.” I share family history and I want them to share family history. I won’t sully my message with the brief reply to my request for Brubaker information. But I’ll share my reply: Clifford, you missed my point. I’m a fanatic about “sources” that prove identity, marriage, death, etc. I don’t speculate. I have 984 “Brubaker” in my tree; 17 “Donald Brubaker” and 7 “Donald E. Brubaker.” An obituary with the name of a son named “Donald” doesn’t prove (to me) that Donald Eugene Brubaker is the son. Do you have any supporting information?? ~~ Sincere THANKS for your reply. ~~ Lorraine

Roller-coaster emotions.

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