Feast or famine, draught or drown !!


At this moment (6:40 AM) it is still dark as midnight! So strange because usually “light” at this time. An indication of the dense cloud cover. ~~ Two boxes were against the wall of the trailer, four-feet from the outside edge of the porch, but they are soaking wet. When I stepped outside the door, it felt like stepping on a wet sponge. Our weather has been blistering HOT (and my lawn had turned brown) and now we have a downpour (for hours). Gratefully, we won’t have the damage experienced during a hurricane but my heart goes out to the folks who are suffering the aftermath of Hurricane Laura. I’m comfortable, I’m dry, I’m safe from “the elements.”

(“Comfortable” until some radical kills this old lady because she has a Trump flag in her front yard.)


Postscript, 8:00 AM.



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