TV & me

My TV viewing has changed ninety-percent lately. For many years, my day started with the NBC Today show. I go back to the beginning with Dave Garroway (believe it or not). If you ask me, I can probably name all the hosts and hostess’ that brought the news–and views. Well, it’s “the views” that have me turning a deaf ear. And–on Sunday morning–I didn’t want to miss NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Honestly, this past Sunday, Chuck Todd was obnoxious during several interviews. Even Lester Holt, on the evening news has lost my respect. NBC advertises Lester Holt as “the networks  (plural) most respected newsman.”

My world is upside down. I can’t sleep at night; I’m tired all day. So many projects demand my attention but I lack the initiative to do them! I spend too much time on the computers–“climbing the family tree.”  However, I’d probably go crazy if I didn’t have the “mental gymnastics” provided by

Eleven-thousand-word essay.

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