Yesterday, new challenge

It took several hours for me to arrive at that finished product. First, I did a “screenprint” of the desired information. Then I struggled (and “struggled”) to put the several images in one location. I’ve never created a “collage” before. Mental gymnastics for this researcher. I say “researcher” because I encountered errors and believe “the other guy” (on Ancestry) may look at the picture after ignoring my written statements. I have to support my information which differs from their information.


My morning started at 5:30–on the computer–searching for additional information regarding Martha Ann Drake France Gross. I had a restless night trying (in my mind) to resolve confusing information. Finally, I can close this chapter and move on to other family members. Since preparation of the image (yesterday), I have created two more “screenprint” images. The published “sources” were (are) unsatisfactory so I prepared an image of the information. Trivia: For two months, Martha was the wife of my second-cousin-four-times-removed. Why bother? Because she was erroneously documented as the daughter of my first-cousin-five-times-removed.

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