…of temperatures later today.


Gospel truth: See the last picture with “97 degrees”? I returned “home” after an hour helping the RV Park owner-manager. I did not get out of bed until 8:50 (very unusual for me) and I hadn’t had my first sip of coffee. I was preparing this blog message when Mr. Red called and asked it I wanted to take a golf cart ride around the Park. I confessed that I had been in my pajamas since Sunday, hadn’t taken a shower, hadn’t left the house. “Come on”  –and I give God the glory!! I needed to “get out” and the invitation was all I needed. “We” helped a resident who just moved in today and we prepared a site for a resident arriving later today. Yes, it is extremely HOT but the golf cart created a breeze and we frequently  enjoyed a breeze while working. ~~ The coffee tastes good (and still hot) at 11:40 on a Saturday morning.


As predicted.

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