Explain Lorraine brain ?

Very recently, I signed an email message “brain drain Lorraine”  with this image. That night I was dreaming about my ancestry. A name came to mind and I was “working” that family. When I awakened (in the middle of the night) I immediately ran (walked) to the living room and wrote down the surname “Vinson.” The first thing I did after I got up for the day was look up “Vinson” in my Ancestry.com database. Gospel truth: I had limited “sources” regarding Mary Elizabeth and her surname is “Vincent.” ~~~ I marvel that a tired old (85 years) brain was working like a computer. Is it safe to say that “brain” wants to comply with Lorraine’s very vocal declared desire to have her database 200% accurate?


Furthermore, explain this: Seven individuals with the surname “Vinson.” Why was my first instinct to choose Mary Elizabeth? The others were accurate (I double-checked all of them).

Further furthermore: It has been months since I worked with “Vincent” (and the “France” family in Kentucky) and I don’t know when I documented “Vinson.”


Explain Lorraine brain!! Why sit at the computer for ten, twelve, or fourteen hours??  It is challenging–and rewarding–and there is never a stopping point.


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