Remember “polyester” ?

In years past, polyester was popular. I don’t know about the 2000s because I haven’t needed to shop for clothes. My wardrobe is ample. My mother had an “ample” wardrobe of bright-color dresses.  Here are pictures of a “lap robe” fashioned with squares from Mother’s dresses.


My pets are on display to give the reader a smile. Allow me to tell you another story. From genealogy contacts with my Old German Baptist Brethren and Mennonite “cousins,” I knew they made rag rugs from polyester garments. (Polyester is almost indestructible.) I took the dresses to Modesto, California, with “rag rugs” in mind. My cousins chose to make the comforter and laprobe. I was told one dear elderly gentleman (a Brubaker cousin) cut all the squares.

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