“Lorraine in Wonderland”

Saturday, July 18th, 2020 (yesterday) was the best day all year!! Seriously, no exaggeration! At nine in the morning, we were enjoying coffee on the patio, under beautiful old trees. (“Trees” by Joyce Kilmer.) It was remarkably pleasant with “nature’s air-conditioning.”

I have a new neighbor and she and I have identical interests. (Seriously, no exaggeration!) I was thrilled to learn she is an avid gardener. I’m ecstatically happy to give her my overabundance of garden paraphernalia.

“Monica”  and I have experienced similar life experiences. We praise our Heavenly Father for bringing us to “this little corner of Heaven.” Our yards are unique because they are linked by a gate.

Energized by conversation (and coffee), I returned to my home and Monica surged forward with the task of personalizing her yard.

The day got better when our RV Park owner-manager showed up with “the best burgers in Texas.” High noon and high heat but very comfortable under those huge old trees. Five folks fun around the picnic table!! Interaction with the residents is (was) the best medicine for my depression.


A strong, considerate resident to my rescue. He helped me roll the Garden Tower(s) across the grass to their new home.

Mixed message, three stories: 1) Alice in Wonderland, 2) Wizard of Oz, and 3) “Lorraine in Wonderland.”

2 comments on ““Lorraine in Wonderland”

  1. Diane Scarlett Chavez says:

    Loved the pictures. Beautiful trees.

  2. Deb says:

    What a pretty crape myrtle

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