Human “being” human

This is a “normal” day for the first time in many months. #1) A good night’s sleep!! Ten PM until 5:30 AM. Out of bed briefly than back to bed and back to sleep until seven-thirty. #2) Because I was going next-door for coffee (with a brand-new resident neighbor lady), I dressed in a pretty outfit and added earrings. #3) Washed my face and brushed my teeth. #4) We were joined by two other residentsfor coffee and conversation. No masks but safe distancing. The fellowship was so uplifting. #5) Grocery shopping was suggested and I confessed too few trips the last four months and too much anxiety about leaving home. How could I say “no” when I was appropriately dressed for an outing? #6) An extremely excellent-quality mask, with filter, just arrived in the mail and it was begging for an audience. (It is another gift from my dear friend, Deb, who has been encouraging me to “venture out.”) #7) $200.00 shopping spree at the wonderful H.E.B-Plus market four miles from home. #8) Home at 2:00 (just in time to watch Dr. Oz) and prepare a home-made wonderful lunch. ~~ Lots of hours left in the day so I can continue being human.


#9, 10, 11) P.S. I didn’t climb “the family tree.”


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