Finally filed my Income Taxes !!

Here’s the confirmation that I have more energy and I’m “feeling human.” In other years, I’ve filed as early as February (as soon as I received the proper form from L.A. County Retirement and Social Security). The move from Livingston to Waco (first of the year) was stressful followed by two nasty weather months. Then the Coronavirus pandemic. My life has been upside down!! TurboTax (on-line) is so simple; I can “do” in my sleep (almost). Pray with me that my life will be right-side-up from now on.

Here is another “story” from your blogger-storyteller friend: Years ago, in Lancaster, California, I belonged to a chapter of International Toastmistress organization (since merged with Toastmaster). Believe it or not, I was shy and had difficulty talking in public. The ladies were respected and allowed to “ease into” public speaking. My “icebreaker speech” was about the desert tortoise (because my sons and I had a backyard full of desert tortoise). I made all kinds of comparisons about myself and the turtle (because the objective of our first speech was to introduce ourselves). The “punch line” of the speech: “Turtle or Toastmistress, we don’t get anywhere unless we stick out our neck.”

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