Accomplishment !!

The volumes of information available on Ancestry amazes this researcher. And the requested data is available almost instantaneously. When desired information doesn’t conveniently appear on the monitor, this researcher starts digging. (I’m a good detective.) Today, I found an elusive shirt-tail relative and I’m patting myself on the back. I’m so happy. “Shirt-tail relative” has been a mystery for several months. Although millions of records… sometimes the “maiden name” is not listed in many records. My “cousins” (the Old German Baptist Brethren) are a tightly woven family. It is sometimes difficult to correctly identify “same name” individuals. This lady, this surname, has never been documented previously (by me).

Sometimes (oftentimes) my mind is working like a computer. Today (totally unrelated search), I “stumbled” across the name Grace Dempsey and I thought “Oh, that’s Henry Miller’s daughter.”  (33,825 names in my database and I remembered “Henry Miller.”) A dozen “sources” for Grace led me to Mary Acton (she was simply “Mary Miller”).  ~~~ Click this link to see Mary O. Acton in my Ancestry database. ~ ~ ~

This “elation” compensates for the “frustration” documented in the previous blog message (Crazymaker).

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